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November 23, 2011 / K.I.S.S. Social Media Marketing & Training

You Might Not Be A Social Media Expert IF…You Automate EVERYTHING!

MYTHBUSTER #3: Automation is one of those things that can be terrific or horrific. It can be GREAT for your marketing campaign…or can destroy it. It ‘s like snow…or broccoli…or Robin Williams…when used in the right setting and context it is thoroughly enjoyable to all, but when overused…let’s just say too much of a good thing.

The right purpose for social media automation is to save time and give better strategy to your postings via scheduling. We use tools like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to make sure tweets and Facebook posts go out on a strategic schedule and to save ourselves a lot of time and our clients money. But there are those out there in the world of “experts” that will tell you to link your Twitter to Facebook so that you do one tweet and it covers it all…and that sounds so nice and easy and is great, until your Facebook friends and fans see hashtags and @mentions in your posts! Not to mention the fact that the language we use on Twitter is much more casual and of the “texting culture” than the Facebook crowd.

We will be diving into more detail of what IS cool to automate and what is NOT cool to automate in our Training Academy. The first session starts November 30th and we’ve got a great promo going to enroll, so check it out soon. If you are reading this AFTER Nov. 30th, not to worry, you can enroll in the Training Academy at ANY time and back-track to the stuff you missed, it is all recorded and we will send you the tutorials too.

Have a GREAT Thanksgiving and now GO UNLINK your Twitter to Facebook so that your family and friends don’t see a nice #HappyThanksgiving on their Wall and think you are weird. 🙂 > KISS Training Academy


KISS Training Academy


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